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File Copy Utility is a useful tool developed to facilitate bulk data transfer seamlessly from one computer to other
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16 July 2013

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This is a tool for copying data files to other computers and managing the transfer.

Data copy software helps copy and move files and folders around to other computers. It will preserve the original date and time stamp of the files. These date and time stamps could be customized if you so desire. It is very helpful in moving bulk of data from one computer to another quickly and easily. It is possible to schedule the transfer to suit your convenience. Data can be moved from one computer to others in various offices, institutions and organizations as long as they are connected through a network. The interface is simple enough and is intuitive. Most users should be able to start using it quickly. It can help you do a large amount of data transfers by transferring a bunch of files at a time.

This tool is able to process an entire directory of files from one point to another. While such bulk transfers do not need any manual intervention, you could monitor the progress through the progress bar provided. Specifying the destination directory/folder is quite simple. You would be able to review the results and find out if any errors occurred. Besides the kind of errors that happened, you could get a clue as to why the errors happened. The tool offers several options for setting up and executing data transfers between computers over a network. Automatic handling of large number of files, folders and even whole directories provide automatic handling of data transfers if you have a regular need. This tool thus could be very handy for IT department people. This is quite a good tool.

Publisher's description

File Copy Utility is innovative Data transfer software developed to facilitate fast and effortless data export from one computer to other and save precious time of the users. This tool not only facilitates data transfer between computers within a network but can also be used to transfer data through different drives. The software offers the option of preservation and customization of original date and time stamp. This Data copy software provides the user with whole lot of advanced features to make data export smooth.
The software is especially beneficial for those who need to transfer bulk data. By using this software large chunks of files and folders can be transferred with a simple click of the mouse. The software is adept at moving several directories and subdirectories at one go. Error reporting is another important feature of the software. Users can not only view the results of data migration tasks but also check the causes of error. The software works on different Windows platforms and can handle all sorts of data. The primary purpose of the software is not to perform data migration tasks but to perform these tasks quick and fast.
This software has the potential to become an important file management tool in offices, institutions and organizations. Features like preservation of original date and time stamp makes it unique. Advance features of the software allows the user to perform all possible types of data transfer tasks seamlessly. The software facilitates transfer of data from one storage device to other, from one computer to other effortless. The software is highly efficient and has user friendly interface.
Data Copy Manager
Data Copy Manager
Version 2.0
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